Saturday, November 22, 2008

Origami Extreme - Part 3 !!!

Hello everyone! It was just last week that I posted something, but it was 10 MONTHS since the last time I posted in English. Uhm, long, yeah, whatever.
So it’s origami again, and this time is about dragons! I personally like them a lot. They are such great and beautiful creatures. However, in origami, dragons are usually extremely hard to make, and the most difficult model in the world right now is a dragon called Ryujin version 3.5 by Kamiya Satoshi (You can
click here to see the image). Since I’ve put a bit more effort this time than the two previous ones, hopefully you all would like it. :)
Again, most of them are made with one uncut square, and they are creations of other people. I just simply made them based on diagrams.

DRAGON FLIGHT by Charles Esseltine, pretty easy to make.
I don’t know the name of this model. It’s “Đầu rồng Thiên Long” in a manga called “Hiệp sĩ giấy”, published a long time ago :D
DIVINE DRAGON HEAD STATUE in “Hiệp sĩ giấy” manga also. I made this with 2 pieces of paper.
BEHAMUT (a.k.a. Divine dragon) by Kamiya Satoshi. If you look at part 02 again, you’ll see that he’s also the author of Unicorn, Chocobo, and Lion, and also Ryujin I’ve mentioned before.
CHUKA RYU by Hoang Trung Thanh. Yes, he IS Vietnamese!!! I made the dragon with seven pieces of paper. It took me forever to finish these scales =.=’
LAME DRAGON by Francisco Sanchez.
DRAGON SERPENT by Mario Netto.
HEART DRAGON by Fernando Gildago. I like this one, because it’s stocky somewhat, and the small wings are simply awesome.
SNAKE DRAGON by Marc Anglada.
DRAGON OF FIRE by Fernando Gildago again. This is my latest product (more precisely, I made it last night). This guy is really challenging, but the features are unique and worth-trying.
Yup, that’s it. I will be working on the next part, and will post it up as soon as possible.
Have a great Thanksgiving. Good bye!

VNSharing Forum (diagrams)
Chelsea (material)
Miss Ngoc (in making Chuka Ryu model).

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  1. did you manage to make those amazing dragons?! you rock!

  2. Thanks! It was really enjoyable folding them!