Sunday, April 16, 2006

Another beginning

 My dearest readers,

This is my fifth blog, in which I’ll put a lot of emotion, hope, and thoughts. I wish this will last long.

I started blog when I turned 17, and my blog has been moved from Myspace to Yahoo!360, briefly stayed at Facebook Note until settled down here at Blogspot.

Contents: diversified (as you can see the labels' list on the right sidebar)
Languages: English and sometimes Vietnamese
Updates: once a week, on weekends.

Please feel free to look around and I hope you'd enjoy. I'd love to have comments and any other kind of feedback. Having some idea of how other people think and feel about what I do is very important to me.

May this blog be blessed.

This was written on 4/06/09. The date was twisted so that it'd appear to be the first post of this blog, which was true.

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