Monday, September 3, 2007

StarCraft - Forever more...

During these years, game market has been increased surprisingly. Many new games appear, while many others were just simply kicked out. And it affects the society of gamers significantly. People rush to find kooler, more exciting one. Living among this situation, can we possibly find an-everlasting-game for ourselves? Yes. For me, it’s not anything else but StarCraft.

How long for a good game to survive? Can people play a game in years –still interestedly? But it was suprising, when I think about StarCraft. The first time I saw the game, I was only six or seven (so it should be about 10 years ago!). I came over to Duc’s house, and he was playing it. At that time, computer wasn’t even popular. And StarCraft was there, how incredible!

But I hadn’t involved in the game much, until I got my first computer when I was in grade sixth – it’s in 2000 -7 years ago. I was interested so much, that I played it in all my free time! I was n’t good at typing, but I was so good at …typing StarCraft cheat codes. Now I still remember them clearly, though haven’t used them for a long time.

It was so kool when I met one of my classmate – Long. He was so crazy of playing the game, and we therefore stucked to each other. For my whole life studying in Tran Dai Nghia school, maybe I remember most about our “campaign”- rush for spots. In every afternoon, when the bell rang to finish the school, we –including Long, Lam, Khoi,… and me – ran our best to the game store (or whatever you call it). It was incredible! The entire TDN’s junior hight school-boys rushed to the computers – which were only about 30 spots! How happy we were when we all could sit down and play together after all. And, we played StarCraft while people around us shooting each other (in Counter Strike game).:D

There are three teams in StarCraft that they call “races”. Terran with its human army, high tech-weapons and vehicles. Zerg, my favorite at that time, has various kinds of …gross monster. (It was really fast and strategic, though) The last one is Protoss, the mysterious clan of alien with kool auras. The three races are equally powerful, and it was totally based on the gamer to win or lose.

But it was 10 years from now. People are attracted by series of online-game, and StarCraft seems to be forgotten. But it is not. Still, there are bunch of people play the game with each other, even online with a suprising number. StarCraft was still played in the latest WCG. And, it now becomes even much more awesome when Blizzard declared that “StarCraft II is coming”!!!

The last thing I want to say, I love so many things. And I love StarCraft also.

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