Friday, July 13, 2012

Origami Extreme - Part 09!!!

I am back!!! It’s another Origami collection (Wohoo)! It’s AIRPLANES this time (anyone feels excited?!) Airplanes are awesome, you gotta admit that. This time, most of the models are from Gary Hsu’s Origami Airplanes that Fly – a book filled with great models and bad instructions. I was certainly happy folding them nonetheless, but come on, Mr.Hsu, try making clearer diagrams and your Origami will be much more popular! The keynote this time is a model by Marc Kirschenbaum – what a fantastic designer! Oh so that means this time all the models are American (where did the Japanese go?)!

One more fun fact: the model for the cover picture this time, it’s Bluebell (Yay)! :D OK I am done. Posting something on this page again really makes me happy and excited.


FIGHTER by Gary Hsu – What a fun model, but can it really “fly” with this much weight?

FUTURISTIC FIGHTER by Gary Hsu – Can you spot the differences between this model and the previous “non-futuristic” one? :D

DOUBLE TAIL FIGHTER by Gary Hsu – Another “fighter” model. I think it should be “double-tailed” instead but whatever.

 INTERCEPTOR by Gary Hsu – Interceptors are always fun: they can… intercept stuffs!

FLYING WING by Gary Hsu – I wonder if this one even exists in real life. It’s still one of you favorites.

SPACE SHUTTLE by Gary Hsu – Say hi to Mr. Armstrong!

FUTURISTIC SHUTTLE by Gary Hsu – So this is what a shuttle in the future looks like. I wonder how many missiles it contains!

DART PLANE by Gary Hsu – It’s a dart, baby!

JET II by Gary Hsu – “Where is Jet I?” Well it’s very similar to this model, just not as fun to work with. Same thing, right?

And here we are presenting…

BYPLANE II by Marc Kirschenbaum!!! What a classy stud! This model was made with a two times bigger square than the rest, yet the final product was smaller. It’s a whole new different level, a leap on the Moon which would change mankind’s history forever… or not. But I was still so happy when it was completed.

This concludes another Origami post of mine. Special thanks to Bluebell, you were a very cute model! And thank you all for reading this post. I hope to make some more Origami soon!

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  1. So cool! Btw, The Byplane II is mine. Yay!

  2. nice job! the last one is really cute :)

  3. thấy cậu rồi, tớ cũng vừa làm blog cho bằng chị bằng em đây. Hình như cái blogspot này k có chế độ add friend thì phải (hoặc là do tớ dốt k tìm được). Blog của tớ còn rất chi là virgin, nên khi nào quởn cậu cứ vào say hi cho xôn nhé. Thân. Dương.

  4. btw, so shame on me. Maybe your blog is written in English, right? Sorry for my previous comment in Vietnamese. Dương (repeat untill you know).
    p/s: I hate the messy words under each comment. Wonder I have to confirm untill when to prove that I am really not robot.