Friday, August 15, 2008

Summer bye

My summer is over.
It just started two weeks ago, and now it’s it. The sky is not being warm and sunny anymore. I will no longer go to the welcome room, or the orientation in early morning, (and no one will be waiting for me there, anymore.) The sky above me was snowing as the summer started, that I may know how nice snow really was, that I did have something to fight for; and now, not anymore.

Nice things tend not to stay by me long enough, and I am not in the position to cling onto any of those. It’s time to fight the new battle, by which I may forget the things I shouldn’t keep in my mind. I surely don’t know what’d happen next, but I believe that if I do what I am supposed to, everything will be fine. And hopefully, when the harshly cold winter has passed, I’d get to see the snow again, along with the warm and shinny sky.

To say, it was such a great summer, and no matter how short it was, I was greatly thankful.

- Good bye, summer! Thank you for everything. I miss you already. Please come back sometime, and remember to bring the snow with you, ok?

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