Friday, February 1, 2008

A slacking student

…It was my turn to show off. I had been practicing the routine countless time already. This time, I got to fix my previous failure. The audiences would cheer for me, and screaming my name out loud. Few minutes later, the music got started. The whole body of mine shook excitedly. It was about time…
Suddenly, everything was absorbed into the dark, while a strangely familiar sound appeared. I woke up.

When such a thing happened repeatedly, sometimes I wondered if I really liked the world in which I belonged. Anyway, I tried to move my tired body to turn off the annoying alarm clock five feet away. The only thing I wanted to do at that moment was to go back to my warm bed, and to continue my “show”. I tried so hard to get rid of that thought, and went to the bathroom. I didn’t want to miss the music class again. In fact, I was practicing a very important thing from the book I recently read. It was about endurance.

I opened the door of the dorm, and the freezing air just spread allover. I had no idea that the place could be much chillier than
Montana. Gotta go anyway.
The music class was in the furthest building from my dorm. There were two people walking on the street, holding each other’s hand. “Oh my, when will I have someone like that beside me?” I wondered. Well, I shouldn’t have thought anything, just walked, walked, walked…

The air was increasingly freezing. I got nothing to cover my face, so the situation was really harsh. It immediately reminded me the last time I had gone sledding in
Bozeman. It was sick that I had had to stand there being frozen passively forever. Just like this time, it was even colder. Suddenly I thought: “Why do I have to do all of this? Why do I have to be in the US in the first place? My friends in Vietnam can stay and enjoy the nice and warm weather...instead of suffering in the harshly cold one – like me…”
“Oh no, what am I thinking? I am supposed not to have such thoughts ever! I am protected by God! Yeah, that’s right! I am protected. My body is being protected. I can do this…”

I couldn’t feel my chin anymore. I tried touching it, just to feel as if I was touching someone else’s.

Argh! The wind was so strong. It blew to me just like I was touched by a combination of fire beam and countless needles. Oh no, it wasn’t cold. It was …hurt!

My shoulders couldn’t move easily anymore… They were hurt also…

Ha! My left head was hurt this time. Was “hurt” a level between “cold” and “frozen”? I didn’t know. Hopefully not.

Oh, there we go! The building was right there. Just open the door, get in, and I would be fine as usual.

I made it. Thank God!

The classroom was empty, and I collapsed. The music class was cancelled that day.

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