Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Hard to Share!

I like to share. It’s not like donating stuffs (it’s good too) but more like… introducing to other people what I find interesting. So actually this post’s title should be: “It’s Hard to… Introduce”, but it wouldn’t sound as good. So there you go.

Songs, books, movies, games… Whenever I find one interesting I’d love to show it to another person – like a “maven”*, if you know the term, even though I am not as specialized and valuable. It’s pretty much become a hobby of mine. “Hey, you want to hang out? Come to my place and I’ll show you this awesome video clip I found last week!” And one day I finally realized the ugly truth, and I am sharing it with you right now.

Well, the title exposes it: sharing interesting things is hard. It’s very weird, really, because when I share with someone the stuff I found, it’s not as interesting as before! Almost always, when I play a movie or the song while introducing about it super-enthusiastically, I will feel that the movie or the song is rather plain and not worth-telling. It’s no longer funny or exciting or innovative to me (because I have just experienced it). In some cases it turns out to be straight-out disappointing. The other day I tried to get my girlfriend Arwen into some Japanese show called Boukenger. Somehow the beginning was strange, confusing, and slow-paced. I felt like I was wasting her time.

Why would I still like to share, then? Why is it that when I find something fun, I have that urge to tell others? It’s because occasional successes are rewarding. When a song I introduce makes a sad friend feel better, I am the most happy. When I find a fun game and successfully get my friends into playing it me, I am the most glad. Guess what, it happened to me today! Arwen said she enjoyed the musical movie I brought out today. It was made by my favorite Vietnamese singer. Happiness can be so simple like that.

So sharing is hard. I get the idea and try to write a post about it to tell my readers. But it’s not as easy as I thought. Now, how should I start? What do I write so people would read it? Oh my, sharing is so hard…!

*Mavens: information specialists, who love to study the market AND sharing what they know to other people. More casual interpretations are welcomed, however.


  1. Sharing is fun!! I will always be sharing music even when nobody cares anymore ;)

  2. sup dood, you gonna be around for d3?
    -random guy in room 11

  3. Jun!!! Is that you?!! Email me! You still have my card?

  4. if they care about you enough, they will care about your stuff, of which some are odder than the others but all are interesting! lol
    What should you write so people would read?... hmm that brings back to the question whether you want to share just to share or you want to share so people will like the stuff and follow you. The former case, just share, you are sharing cool stuff whatever people think. The latter case, do a market research, isn't that your expertise? ;)

  5. rofl, yea man. amsad about the lack of dead nation ive been able to rock out on with you back home. somehow i managed to lose your card, thats what i get for trying to clean up and organize my room. hope on skype or something if you get a chance ^^

  6. Never seen you on B-net ever. I ll try Skype you instead then. Man you lost my card, and it s like a miracle how you still got my blog! loll! Skype! Skype!