Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dance till yesterday

There are different periods of time in each person’s life. Some of them can be so special that we can never forget. The memories in Montana are still here in my head, as always, as ever.
The weather in Missouri, after days freezing and windy, finally gets warmer. Here I am walking on a grass, cool wind blows by, and warm sunlight is spreading everywhere. Here I am, returning to Montana by memories…

O the smell of grass! I am here playing volleyball after school time! Here I am walking slowly by Holden in the park, and I am pulling the swing for Shadiah!

O the sound of gentleness! Here I am playing ultimate freebee, and watching everyone in the two houses fighting with water by the creek.

O the violet color of sunset! Here is Anastasia in front of me, telling me she likes my jacket, and then be gone forever…

O the wind! I am with my team performing our last break-dance show after many days practicing. And here is Kimberlee’s ice cream, nothing but sweet and cold, combining with the wind to push me collapse.

The sky is getting darker, and the air is getting colder. The party is ended, and people are saying goodbye to each other. Here comes Jungmin the Admirable, being hugged by all the girls.

There is anything but rain. Why, let it be raining, or the tears can’t be covered!

Standing alone in the grass with wind and looking at the sunset, the black sheep is home.

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