Friday, January 18, 2008

He is gone

So it is it. That guy broke up with you, didn’t he? “I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” You said.
The predicted thing comes at last. The guy who got you is now gone.

But love can’t ever be transferred from one person to another like a shirt, and the sadness of jealousy can’t ever be removed by someone else’s unhappiness. I didn’t feel any better when I knew your story. I instead felt so sorry, so sad for you. That love was a really sweet one, though it wasn’t mine. He was a sweet guy, a good man and a caring mate. He laughed a lot, and it made your beautifully sad face turn out to be happier. And he cared for you, kept giving you surprises and even shouted your name out loud in the rain. How sweet, how romantic he was! For the whole time, I was hurt, really hurt. But I was thankful also. He was there with you when I wasn’t. He did the things that I could not.

So now he is gone. Why he did that, I have no clue. Your story doesn’t have me in it, and it won’t, ever. You are not RainY anymore, and now turn out to be a princess of bubble. You are so annoying, Orchid. So annoying and so innocent. I won’t step in your way anymore, but stay behind and watch your back. Whatever happens, whoever leaves you, is ok. There will always be a
me who cares for you. Even when my love for you isn’t here anymore, it is my promise that will never be forgotten.
Boku ga mamoru
– I will protect you…

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