Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pretty girls - everywhere...

I used to believe in true love. Pretty girls wouldn’t attract me so easily, as I believed – they were everywhere. With the deep pain I already had, who would be able to make me pay attention at?
But then you came, along with new thoughts, new pain…

I saw you in a break-dancing class, and I was surprised. You were so pretty. Your clothes were stylish, and one of your ears had three earrings!

I tried not to care about you. I knew that I would never be able to have a “chance”. You were not really special anyway. Pretty girls were everywhere.

So I didn’t even look at you, but focused in …showing some kids how to do windmill. And you, didn’t care about anything but practicing your moves. You were staying alone, talking to no one. How serious you were! You were not just “cool” but “cold”!

And so, the time passed by. Nothing happened… until yesterday…

None of my little students wanted to practice hollow-back. So once again, I looked at you. You were still …”you”, standing separately from the others. I didn’t know how, but the more serious you were, the more attractive you became! You seemed to be a gorgeous angel shining everything around you. And I was attracted.

I should never ever involve any more, but you were practicing “1st wave”- my best move! And so, yeah, I didn’t understand why, but I started helping you with it.

I was so surprised and even happy when you listened to me, and followed my advices leisurely. The air was easier for me to breath, to look at your face straightly. It was still very beautiful as usual…I smiled, and told you that you did the wave like a robot. Never tell me anything, but at last you smiled back.

You just smiled, and the spring appeared, immediately. At the same time, I felt distinctively happiness, luckiness, and a new hope. Also at that time, I felt sadness, hopelessness, and a pity. All of the various feelings combined together, spread allover my body and exploded. I spiritually collapsed.

I have wasted a lot of time, and I can see you only tomorrow, once and for all. Don’t know what I should do, what I should say. Don’t even have a hope. You will just pass through me as many others. But no one knows, it will be the first time I saw the clearest Dark Elf, an ideal image that DK has been finding, and will keep finding forever.

Who cares about me – a popper?

That’s fine. “Kool girls are everywhere”, right?

Dang it!

This post started a long list about Orchid, one of the girls came to my life. Please bare with it.

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