Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Irony

I am Vietnamese, and I live among Americans most of whom are either misunderstand or do not know my country and cultures.

I am a Christian, and I live among people who go against my beliefs or focus on misdeeds of other Christians. Why don’t people get it, it’s all about trying to be a good person. And yes, I do believe that trying to be a good person is a good thing.

I am a young Christian, and I live among Christian-from-birth or church-raised people who do not share my struggles. We do not share the same philosophies of environmental sustaining, of “who are to help”, among many others. They don’t see what I see, nor do I to theirs.

I had a girlfriend, and last week we broke up.

I could never have guessed, this Earth can also be as lonely as Heaven.


  1. you are a young man who is not having a girlfriend and also who is one of thousands of other young men who also don't have a gf.

    you are a young man who is like anyone else struggling with self-identity.

    That is the way we all grow. If you feel lonely, look into the similarities, find the common ground with people around you. There is always something that we share. The worst case (or the best), you will find someone as lonely as you are.

    Cheer up, buddy! Life is still ahead :)

  2. Anh,

    I have pondered religion for a long time, a very long time. For me, I am largely detached from Christianity. It is my belief that a person can be wholly good without embracing any spiritual philosophy whatsoever. What does religion bring besides dissent and ignorance in these times. Of course, Christianity (particularly Catholicism) was oh-so-influential in shaping Western philosophies and traditions; but, now, that the world is completely connected, what does that primitive philosophy (corrupt and power-hungry as it largely is) bring to the world's table today that couldn't be brought by just plain good people?

    These are questions that I meditate upon. And I bring this up because your words demonstrate alienation brought about by your beliefs. Back when I was younger, I had decided to follow a largely intolerant religious philosophy. I tried my hardest to follow this religion as closely as possible even though I was made fun of and doubted. Those people became people I avoided. Instead of connecting closer with life, I cast myself away from it. What I guess that I am trying to say is that it does no good to impose loneliness upon one's self~

  3. The "~" mark in the end makes me wonder who you can be. Thank you for your kind comment. I understand and agree partly with what you said. There are people who call themselves Christian but treat people harshly.

    However, I still believe that Christianity and the concept of God themselves hold a certain goodness, and I'll be faithful to God in a way a knight being loyal to his king. As a person who would be lonely and isolated anyway, I find myself better off believing in God. I simply am a lost and ignorant person. :)