Thursday, December 6, 2007

...and then, I changed

Simply slacking around, then one day woke up, I saw everything changed…
I woke up after a really long sleep. Immediately I was stunned: it was 10h55’ – I had missed my math class, and I had 5 minutes left to get to the health class! “Oh, dear!” I laughed so hard at myself, to see how slacking I was. But I did manage somehow to get to class seven minutes later, wondered why those things happened everyday like that.

But it
wasn’t like other days. Everywhere was smoothly white, and love appeared from nowhere, now spread allover… It was snow! All the memories of Montana just came back at the same time, only to remember something else. “Oh yeah, it’s my …birthday, isn’t it.”
Then I turned to be eighteen years old. No more a little me, no more my teen age. I stepped to a new period, to be able to feel my new strength, new responsibility. Time did pass fast, didn’t it? It’s eighteen years passing by at a glance, and I just stood there, could not cling to anything.

My little sad feeling was soon faded by caring of the others. I got sweet messages from family and friends everywhere, even some presents too! I was really surprised and touched. It’s so kool. I am cared!

Thank you, Mom. It is eighteen years that you have taken care of me. Who I am today, what I know and can do today, it was you that help me all, with your love and kindness. Thank you also, father.

Thank you, cousin “Nh
t Banh Vt Ko”. You were the one who first said “Happy birthday” to me. That’s not all there is to it. We have been friends for years, since we were little kids. My childhood has you walked all over, Minh. Thank you.
Thank you, Dark Orc! So you remembered my birthday at last, huh? That’s cool. You know, your message is one thing I looked forward to the most. Thank you, my best friend.

Thank you, Jenny. I still don’t get your card, but I got your caring already. I am so glad.

Thank you BS, my long-term enemy. Our relationship is just …insulting to me. How many times we’ve made each other mad? I can’t count for sure. But despite all of that, I am still cared by you. Pleasure, BS.

Thank you, Trang. We haven’t known each other much, but you still remember my birthday. Awesome, girl. The song you sent was surprisingly good. So pleased to be your dance partner.

Thank you my other friends. All of your messages are really sweet.

And so, I turn out be a new person – gladly, with caring, love and snow.

Happy birthday, DK.

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