Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just another effort...

Since time keeps passing by, and things keep being changed, we have to try our best everyday to survive. Not every effort will get good result, we all know it. But when it does, it’d be great.
It’s just a normal day when I accepted to help the council of the building I lived, to make the banner for the “Homecoming” event. When I said I would draw it, they screamed and jumped around excitedly. “Wow”, I was surprised, “I’d better try my best then. =.=’ ” One woman gave me the material, which was a …huge bed cover (to draw at O.0!!!)

I had to draw something about football, and a mule. (A mule is a child of female horse and male donkey. It’s also the mascot of UCM -my school.). I had to show how strong the mule was, so I tried using …superheroes’ images! I had the picture in my mind, but the banner was really big for me. In fact, it was the biggest picture I’d ever made. It was so big that I had to …creep around to draw, and when my elbow avoided touching the lines I just did, my feet messed another part behind me T_T.

After a while, it was done. Phew! I know it doesn’t look really fancy, but I tried a lot. Here it is:

Few days later, the banner was colored exactly as I advised, and they did a really good job. Our banner won the first place after that. Kool.

(The final product. The superheroes are: Captain America, Super Man, Flash, Batman, The Hulk and Spider Man^^)

Then I saw something on the door of my room. It’s from the hall council.
Well, Orchid said the banner was nice. I’m glad. One effort was done, letting many following others.

Sometimes, good results come to one who tried. Enjoy it, to be able to try more, and fight more…

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