Friday, October 19, 2007

It's time to change

(I write the things below as a serious person. It’s not a joke. And I’ll accept all the criticisms)
Every day sign in to Y!M, I saw people discussing about Nh
t Kí Va`ng Anh. Many messages, so many attitudes, so many opinions. Well, it’s an adult movie, then. So what? Isn’t it that so many XXX movies have been being sold everyday, everywhere, even in Vietnam (though illegally)? I feel funny when everyone freak out and despite the film. Many people get involve in one problem which is not strange. Having sex basically is not bad. It’s only bad when people do it inappropriately and irresponsibly. Because of some old cultural affection, that now we feel disgusted with it. To me, we are not close-minded, but we are fake. Just look at the statistic: many people want to see it, and they tell the others how they despite it. Consequently, legal XXX movies would never be accepted, and the illegal ones would still be expanded. And obviously, no thing would be fixed.
Why don’t we look at the situation at a different attitude? It’s time to classify movies, based on ages and characteristics? I don’t want Vietnamese children to see horror and violent movies - which are considered “Parent guardian” or “Restricted” in other places. I don’t want Vietnamese parents to freak out with XXX movies, because of being worried for their children. A good classification is really necessary for us this time, and for our following generations in the future.

There are things to keep, things to learn, and things to be changed. And the important thing here is self-responsibility.

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