Wednesday, December 6, 2006

My sweet girl, it’s for you…

One day…

You appeared in my school. You were a cute girl, I thought.

Your name was so strange and difficult for me to remember, but I could remember it at last.
You seated in front of me in our Literature class. I saw you everyday, saw your smiles, and smiled with you.

You were the kind one, who cares about everyone.

You recognized our backpacks had the same color- red.

As a fate, God's Providence or whatever, we were in same school-team, house Pendragon. One day, I tried to do some cheating for our team's point with you, and you refused. At that time, I knew you were a good girl.

I didn't know why, but I drew your face in my common place book, and you saw it. I didn't know if you recognized something or not.

I tried to do something for Pendragon, one reason was you.

I started to break-dance everyday, with the hope I would show you one day.

House competition, everyone tried hard for Pendragon, I tried hard because of you. We won. You said: "Good job!" , and I was so happy. Thank you. You did good job too.

You asked me about my birthday, I did not say. I decided to tell you on that day. I wanted to know yours too. You did not answer.

We were both foreigners. I invited you to go to international dinner. You were so busy to go, you answered.

History project. I tried to help you with some generals' character studies. You said "thank you, you are so smart." I felt happy. Thank you.

You accepted to go to the next international dinner. I was so excited.

I heard from teachers we would have dance-time in that school year. I would ask you to dance, I thought.

I wrote something in the back of your notebook, hopefully you could see it some day.

One day…

After school, you said "I like your coat". I smiled and got home, knew nothing would happen.
The next day, you disappeared, suddenly, without any reason.

Your locker was still there. Your stuffs were still there, as if waiting for you.

They said you moved to other place. But it was not true.

My mother- the school secretary- just said you had something she did not want to tell.
And so I knew nothing. Could not know anything.

I just knew you would never go to the international dinner.

You would never see my writing behind your notebook.

You would never dance with me, even refuse me.

You would never see my break-dance show, if I had one.

You would never tell me your birthday, nor know my birthday, which is today.

You would never return. Never.


I still here, hoping you'd come back. I try to do something but I can't.

I miss you.


I'll forget you, and love someone soon.

You'll never know there is a me like that.

Your stuff'll be here until someone moves them, away with my story about you.

Good bye, my sweet girl!

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