Saturday, March 2, 2013

An Duong Vuong

An Duong Vuong, 2013 by DK-Gm
Silk Art
My first surreal attempt

An Dương Vương was a Vietnamese ancient king (257-207 BC) whose life was eventful and memorable. He built the spiral-shape three-layered fortress to protect the capital city of Co Loa. However, the son-in-law betrayed him, and the king failed to prevent his country to be invaded.

This piece portrays the king's tormented soul. I hope you'd enjoy it.


  1. Where have you been, my friend? Is there video of the dance performance?

  2. Hey Wyatt! Yeah school and work have been crazy for me. There is a clip, but I want to finalize it before posting it. I'll get to it soon! Sorry!