Sunday, June 26, 2011

How to watch a movie and appreciate it fully

You have a movie in mind that you really want to watch because you know that it’s gonna be great? These are some steps you should take to make it a wonderful experience:

1.                   Go to Wikipedia and find out the original book the movie gets inspired from
2.                   Read the book
3.                   Finish it
4.                   Appreciate it and give it some thoughts
5.                   Wait for 3-10 months until the story has faded away a little
6.                   Now you are ready. Get the movie and watch it.

Trust me, the impacts the movie would give you after going through all of these steps are phenomenal. It takes so much effort and time of so many diligent hard-workers to produce a movie, it’s certainly worth it.


  1. What movie did you apply this to?

  2. Many popular movies are from the books, so it''s not hard to find examples. I certainly enjoy watching Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, and the fairly recent A Christmas Carol in 3D.

    I also have been wanting to watch Forest Gump, so I just finished the original book last week for that. The book was fantastic and I can't wait to see the Tom Hank's adaptation.