Saturday, May 31, 2008

For the class of 2008 in Petra Academy

I sometimes take several days to finish a post, but this is the first time I had to rewrite the whole thing. Writing something for Petra graduates is extremely hard, but to do that after I have already been to the graduation and listened to great speeches with all the sufficient points included is so much harder. Therefore, I’ll make it short.
First of all,
congratulation!!! You have been through all the hard time in Petra for such amounts of time and yet survive. Even though there is a whole gigantic burden thing for any Petra graduate to bear, you should be proud of yourselves – maybe just for a few seconds. I believe that appreciate your efforts significantly contribute to greater achievements in the future.
Since now you are all
petrified, there will not be any difficulty can ever stop you. (Of course I am not talking about the super power to blow a building in one punch – you know what I mean.) However, there are plenty of things out there that are entitled “glorifying God” that no individual should do all of them at once. Therefore, correct choices are important and also efficient, especially when we first “enter” the vast world.
Despite what Mr. Koenen said in his speech, I think sentimentalism can be important. Please don’t forget the time you spent here in Petra. The morning prayer times were good; the lunch times were fun; and the times when the bell rang were splendid. Please don’t forget all the intense house competitions, the Marathons, field days, and many others. You
did have some great time, didn’t you?
As always, when one tale is over, another one gets started. Can’t you see, your futures are waving, with colleges, new knowledge, private places, and parties? So, fly! The whole world is waiting! Do sacrifice yourselves and do “something” – as Mr. Koenen said, but don’t forget to have fun sometime. Enjoying life is also a way to glorify God, I suppose.

So yeah, congratulation again, my brothers and sisters. May God bless you all!

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