Thursday, January 17, 2008

Being Melted

Last week was a really hard time for me. It was the only time I had left, before the next semester gets started, which means, it was the only chance for me to prepare for my popping performance. It was pretty much clueless, since I gave up my previous music, and had to make up a brand new one. And I had to make a whole choreography also, despite the fact that I just started my popping career last summer.

Anyway, it invaded continuously my reading and writing time, which is inconsiderable. So I decided to fix it, by writing something about my trip to Montana last Christmas.

Well, as Mama Sukut said, I could only bring “a bag” to Bozeman, so the trip seemed not really fun for me in the beginning. But it was really good to see Mama Sukut and Paige again. The van was full of stuff for sure, but I still could – somehow – get in it, and the trip began.

The trip was long for sure, since we came from Missouri to Montana. (It means we had to go through about five other states – five big one – to get to Bozeman!). However, the trip wasn’t too boring. Instead, I got a really surprising night: I saw shooting stars! It was the first time I saw shooting star ever, and there wasn’t only few of them! Shooting stars appeared rapidly all over the sky. Paige tried making wishes, soon gave up after the third one. (That was good actually, because she was driving, and I don’t really appreciate if the driver just keeps wishing with their eyes closed.) I stayed awake for the whole night counting those stars. There were twenty something at least – really fun to watch.

After about twenty hours, we got home at 3 a.m. Everyone was sleeping in a new house. The house was really huge and nice. My little cute Holdie boy woke up, saw me, said “early” and continued to sleep. No offence but let’s think about this: The only two graduates came back to Petra from college were Juniper and me. When she came back to Petra, the whole school was standing outside waiting for her. When they saw her, they shouted and ran to her, gave her a big group-hug. Compare that with mine; mine was pretty lame, wasn’t it? Nah, never mind. I am simply just a black sheep. :)

My love to Montana was in Bozeman, in Lewistown, and a bit in Helena. This time I came back, there were sad news about Lewistown: Great grandma Vic and uncle Kevil had passed away. Yeah, I know I am just a stranger with out any bond, I did feel deeply sad. I missed the voice of great grandma, and even the smiles of uncle Kevin. Too much for a Christmas, and the loss was big enough for anyone to cry. “Men don’t cry”, but only in the surface.

Anyway, we got a good time there together. Mama Sukut looked younger than last year. Everyone suffers a lot in Petra, doesn’t he? Mr. Brian was nice and fun still

My little cute Holdie boy had grown up a bit, still young enough to accept me, and to hang out with me well.

Chelsea was still as sweet and caring as ever. But she disappeared a lot, and I hardly saw her around.

Paige stayed home since Christmas, and I had a chance to know her better. She wasn’t too scary as I had thought. It was fun to talk with her.

Shadiah got taller (and bigger) a lot. She turned out to be a real girl in no time, still so cute and energetic.

And Titus was fine. It was good to see him again, and even better to be in “Titus night” every Tuesday.

It’s not ok if I don’t mention Ramington. Oh Ram, we are the only “unsukut” Sukuts, aren’t we? That’s why there are sympathy and caring in our bond. And you didn’t bark when you see me, right? Still remember me? Still don’t forget your companion?

Not only the family, Petra and the church were nice also. I was really glad when I saw “Malakie”, Mr. Baker’s new version. He was really energetic and friendly. He got his father’s smile also. Smile always, Malakie. You have no idea how important and valuable it is.

Mr. Koenen’s family was fine still. Tjabe was much bigger and taller and became more and more like his father. You don’t just be a fine Mr. Koenen, Tjabe. You even inherit your mother’s gentleness.

I really appreciate when I saw children grow up, but children only, not girls! Oh dear, all of the girls got taller too quickly, and made me feel bad for myself a lot. T_T You know what, Galadriel (I mean, uh, Rochelle)? You should stop being taller right now!

I was glad to meet my friends again. Richard, Kimberlee, Mark, Conner… it was really good to see you again. We had good times killing the Ring together. Memorable, weren’t they?

There was a new teacher who replaced Mr. Baker spot this year – Mr. Myers (hopefully I spell correctly.) He was a really interesting person who can get along easily with anyone. I enjoyed his classes a lot.

Ms. Amunrud was fun as usual (!), and her class was still kool. It recalled a lot of memories back...

Mr. V refused me to observe his class! Argh!!! Just kidding. He was more depressed and stressed than before. I wish you would be happier somehow, mister!

Oh yeah! There was a new girl in Pendragon named Madison. She was a pretty girl who kept making me surprised by her talents. I was so proud when I knew there was another person who could replace my spot. Great to know you, Madison.

Only when I have a chance to be in different places, I can recognize the differences, and the real values which I couldn’t see before. Oh Montana, the cold and dry place which covered by snow and ice! Since I put my love in the ice, I realized that whenever I stop I would be left behind. And the place, though so freezing, still melted me down by the warmth of gentleness.

Thank you all!

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