Tuesday, January 12, 2010

IBE the Journey - Part 05

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(Continued from Part 04)

Things besides glasses
Selling was fun, but some other things were fun, also. Most of the other activities were about doing stuffs for BBBS (Big Brothers Big Sisters), the non-profit organization that we chose to donate all of our profit to. We also had to donate at least 30 hours of work to them, doing whatever. One big thing was raising the fund by selling doughnuts, pizzas, and baked goods. We were raising the fun too.

I didn’t participate in our first fund-raising, the Pizza Hut one, due to the fact that I had no car. Since I didn’t have a car, it really was not easy for me to join in with activities as I would. A member, Maria, gave me a ride for the following time, when we were selling doughnuts. Krispy Kreme doughnuts were really tasty, far better than the Wal-mart ones, and I wanted my girlfriend to try them someday. We were selling for two days in front of the supermarket under the BBS tent. Americans were always good at donating for others, and the kids loved doughnuts, so we sold surprisingly fast. Many of the passengers didn’t want any doughnut; still put money into our pot. The first day was a nice experience.
The second day was not that enjoyable. It was raining, and the rain was really heavy. Our customers dropped drastically. One member, Ryne, had a brilliant idea: using umbrella to escort the people who went to Wal-mart, and when walking them, telling them about our IBE program and the fund-raising. The two guys doing that were him and me. So I had fun running back and fort in the parking lot and helping old women. People were thanking me, and feeling sorry for our bad luck of raining. Also, we could sell some more than we would have had. Ryne became the only member in our company that I admired for the rest of the semester. Coming up with a good idea in a bad situation is always amazing. And so, the second day turned out to be a nice experience too, as well as the bake-sale in the end of the semester.
Besides raising fund, we also helped with maintaining the building for BBBS. I helped with painting the walls, which were pretty fun to do.
We came there at noon, and painted under the brightness of the sun and the last warmth of the autumn. I could hear the laughter of the little children playing close by, and the wind was hanging there, dancing with the leaves in some endless spirals. It was simply a bliss.
What we also did for the kids was the game night, an evening when we brought PS3s and Wiis, Guitar Hero III and many other games for the children to come and play. Many children did come, and the place was crowded with joys.
In the end I had donated 10.5 hours – 30 minutes more than the goal. Lol It was fun anyway.
(to be continued...)
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