Sunday, July 27, 2008

Laughing over the death

Socrates once said, “All [humans] are mortal”, that is, every one has to be dead some day. Each person has his/her own opinion about death, and there is a huge bunch of heroic people who just don’t afraid of death (read tales, you’ll see them a lot). The question, then, is: do you afraid of death? I do. I really do.
Sometimes we wish for big stuffs, such as being a millionaire or saving the world, so on and so forth. When time passes by, it turns out to be clearer and clearer to me that such a simple wish like
having a normal life is already difficult – extremely. The fact is, our material world, the mother Earth, is not safe. Indeed, people can just suddenly die for nothing easily. And the causes are just abundant.
The first thing that freaks me out was about aliens. For years we have heard stories about how someone can just disappear some no where and then come back several months later without any of his/her memories or sensations. So yeah, just sit there with your families or friends, and it can be just, “Pff!” You are done for.

And now there is some
retarded guy saying stuff like we are all gonna die in several years! My goodness! What in the world?!!! The ridiculous thing is, reading what he has said and we’ll just believe in him more and more, inevitably! LOL!!! If all of that is true, then I wonder what are we studying and working for? What’s the meaning of all our efforts for that whole time? What are our futures, our hopes, our goals? Is there any single thing is the matter? Obviously not. LOL again.
I don’t know why we have to face this. Isn’t it that without those crazy stuffs, lives are already so dangerous and we are all so fragile that we can be hurt so easily? Car crashes, murders, wars, disasters, hungers, illness… Aren’t they too much for enough yet?!...

I am afraid of death, but that’s all there is to it. I can’t really do anything, and shouldn’t do anything about it. Think of all the possible dangers around me, I have been through so many safe days – meaning that I could have been dead for so many times already. We all did. We all are already so fortunate. So why do we have to care if there will be something bad happen in the future? For example, one says that the humanity will be destroyed in two years (faster than any prophecy so far). The fact is that there will be thousands of people will die in two years, which can be anyone of us here. Therefore, what is more important? Trying to live for each single day or trying to survive in two years? The second one will surely not be the case if the first one isn’t fulfilled.

I am glad that I have lived until today, and hopefully I’ll still be living tomorrow. There is nothing to be afraid of if I’ll die someday. It is another day to live is the blessing that should be noticed. None of us can control how to die, but we all can control how to live, right? Let us ignore all the frivolous things, and keep “MOVING FORWARD”.

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