Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Human Future

We are now staying here, working, earning money. The age of cavemen, in which people working for only food has gone so far. We now need something more. It's entertainment. We need games, we need fashion, we need movies, and much more. For a long time ago, people have been having art. Many kinds of art. And emotions. They make our lives become so colorful, so wonderful, so beautiful, so awesome. But are these pleasurable things everlasting?
I have watched some movies based on some graphic novels illustrated by the Wachowski Brothers,
The Matrix Trilogy and V for Vendetta. These movies don't talk directly about future, but not about present, neither. And for me, they are all about future, a future that children born in machines or tubes, and grow up in struggle lives as in the army in wars. What they eat, what they wear are not important. There is no activity but training, fighting, navigating, destroying or being killed. These ideas are familiar to The Terminator, in which humans have to duel with machines, what they created. In these pictures, love and friendship… are treaded. People have to fight for their survivals, day by day. What kind of lives is it? The kind which is even worse than the ancient lives of cavemen! Watching these movies, we could see hazily the emotionless picture of human future, in which people become machines, or even worse, become slaves for machines. There will be no happiness, no love, nothing. Is that the destination, which we are trying, day by day, to have? You know the answer.
It sounds crazy when my discussion is on the evidences of some movies. But based on Picasso, one of the most famous artists in human history, "Art is a lie that makes us realize truth". And I feel what I just said above is not absolutely unreasonable. It could be the truth, the terrible truth that the humanity may unfortunately receive.

So, what is my purpose? Am I trying to tell everyone to entertain more? No. I absolutely don't think so. It's not necessary to have a good conclusion for every discussion, and this is just one personal thought of mine. But the outlook of human future scares me, disappoints me. Our younger generations do not deserve to have it! God bless us!

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