Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Spinning Halloween

Here is was I did on 10-31-2008:
12:00 am: I was home after work, and started reviewing for the tough Finance test.
2:00 am: I felt quite hungry and made some noodle with egg. Tasted good.
3:00am: I finished eating and studying, I went to bed.
I slept.
8:15 am: I woke up, thinking how early I could possibly wake up like that.
I looked at the clock, realized that I forgot to press the button before going to bed.
I put on my shirt.
I changed my pants.
I ran straight from my room to the class. About half of the way, I felt exhausted and started walking.
I arrived. The test had started 15 minutes before.
9:00am: I gave my paper to the professor, and ran to work at the office.
10:30am: I am done working.
I came home, wrote a short essay for my scholarship application.
12:00pm: I sent my scholarship application, and headed to the cafeteria for lunch.
Then I ran to the library to finish my research for my Composition 2 class.
I realized that my backpack was opened, and my binder was gone.
It was at the office, so I ran there and take it.
3:00pm: I am done researching. I printed it and ran to my instructor’s office to put it in her mailbox.
3:15pm: I arrived at my workplace, knowing that I was 15 minutes late.
My friend called, telling about the Halloween party. Shoot, I didn’t have a costume. What could I possibly think of…?
Many of my co-workers were gone for parties, so there were only two people there. I did the work of several people at once, while my boss was messing with Facebook.
7:30pm: I was done, finally.
I came home.
People were gone for the bonfire. I was late for that.
So I didn’t have to get a costume, I thought.
7:33 pm: I sat down. Done.
The haunted house in Kansas City
Truly is scary
But since there is hope
Surely there is peace
As I can see…
Warrensburg, Oct 31, 2008

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