Sunday, September 7, 2008

Having fun with Vietnam Idol

A couple of days ago, I’ve watched the first part of Vietnam Idol through TTO. I am personally glad that they actually have the show, because Vietnam Idol is crazily hilarious. Yeah, if anyone feels bored and has nothing fun to do, Vietnam Idol is highly recommended, good stuff. I always have fun time watching those clips.

The part I have watched was in
Hanoi. This year, there is a huge bunch of contestants - several times more than last year, which is pretty intense. The thing is, anyone in there was full of ambition, of hope and great love for singing. These made them have their own styles, which I should say, really really weird. But then, that’s how fun the show is. Another thing to be concerned is, since when Vietnam has had that much people who strongly want to be famous singers? It seems like we can find a person like that among any three random people. That’s really strange. If they were all going to succeed, which means Vietnam was gonna have thousands and thousands of singers, who would go to any concert, and who would know which CD should they get? Really chaotic and confusing :D. I would say, we are living in the period of Vietnamese sentimentalism, just like America couple decades ago. It’ll be interesting to observe.
Anyway, for those who are contestants or having someone participate in Vietnam Idol, please tell. We will support and cheer wholeheartedly.

I have some stuff to do these days, so this entry is not gonna be long or interesting. But I am up to something bigger, which hopefully I can start posting next week, and it would probably last for a month or two. However, it will be written in Vietnamese, so for those who’d prefer my English entries, I deeply apology.

So there, it’s it for this week. I hope everyone would have fun time watching Vietnam Idol, and have a great semester.

Thank you.

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