Sunday, June 1, 2008

An orchid has dropped, at last

I have been written about you, Orchid; and I am writing another one, which is probably the last.
You’re pretty – dangerously. I have never been a retarded one, yet you attracted my heart easily and possessed it for an unreasonable time. Your eyes, your smiles, and your cute break-dancing moves were so inspiring that a half of my blog was filled with posts talking about you.

With your closely perfect physical beauties, it once seemed that I could have never escaped – and not just me, I know there are many other unfortunate guys got their hearts stuck with your images. As I said in one of my post, “you were the closest image of Dark Elf that I have ever known.” But the nominal work is not full of images, and, what ever phenomenal will be dimmed out till vanish.

I have been trying so hard, Orchid, only to make my hope become reality. However, all what I have received were your carelessness and worse - selfishness. Everything of you for which I loved, or maybe I thought you were, are all false. Days passed by watching you, it’s getting more and more obvious to me how different we actually are. What you think, what you do, and how you spend what you have, show me your world to which I don’t belong. Now I think I know what “beautiful” is, surely you are not the one.

I love you no more.

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