Saturday, June 14, 2008

Just a lame step of sacrifice

I have been keeping thinking about Mr. Koenen speech at the Petra 2008 graduation. In order to practice the idea of “sacrifice [myself] for ‘something’”, this was the first thing I came up with: The Prince Caspian Operation (!) (When you read to the fancy name of the operation, please imagine some ethic music appears along with it.) This is the second so-called “operation” since …the KK operation, which surely wasn’t any racial stuff but simply was… how to get to Kim’s birthday party. The mission was accomplished barely in May 2007. However, the mission this time seems to be much tougher.
What in the world is “The Prince Caspian Operation”?
– Well, everyone should recognize easily that it should involve somehow with the movie The Chronicle of Narnia: Prince Caspian. I saw any single person who was talking about this movie saying that it was perfectly great (one example should be Kim’s “prince caspian”). This just makes me want to watch the movie so badly. However, there are rumors about the difference between the movie and its original version in the book of C. S. Lewis. Also from personal experience of Harry Potter, I believe that it should be more beneficial if I read the book before watching the movie. The thing is, it’s not so easy to do that.
I am now working with the Bible (currently the book
Judges). According to my plan, I will then finish the second half of Harry Potter and the deadly hallows, which have been delayed for more than a year. Until then, The Chronicle of Narnia will be read. Unfortunately, I am not the kind of reader who reads several books at the same time, and I don’t want to change my reading plan neither. Therefore, Mr. Prince in the movie will have to wait for a while. And that’s all there is to it.
That’s not an act of sacrifice!
– Well, I think that’s a pretty challenging thing to do (and as I said in the title, it is LAME, isn’t it?). Besides, I suppose I need to get some guts before doing some greater sacrifices, and, I did said that was my first step (at the 1st paragraph) – means that I have been doing “something” else also.

So yeah, I need to finish this post for now, that I can continue the “mission”. Wish me luck! :D

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