Friday, April 11, 2008

The Blessed Girl

Once upon a time
A girl was blessed
She lived with her father
A carpenter
Near a forest.

Chopping wood was hard
Using it was even harder
Having a lot of stuff to do
He was a troubled father
And so,
The girl was left in the dark
The man was gone to work
The house was lonely.
But the girl was blessed
She knew the food he would bring home
Nice meat and bread
Just like every other time
They would all taste great.

Sometimes, the father was drunk
He shouted at her
- as a random punk
The girl got beat up
By wine
And evil laughter
But why, no tear was dropped
All she could think of
Was the new white dress
For her previous birthday
And so, she smiled
For she was blessed.

Time passed by, and people just died
Families hooked up
And they all cried.
And yet, they did – the whole village
Moaning for their carpenter who fall
The lil’ girl was left
When her dad was called
A white towel was a gift
But nothing else at all…

O, he beat me up
The one who was feared
…was my loneliness
While he shouted, with tears…

Now he’s gone, thank to God
A whole lot.

Wearing her square-holed white dress
And living
For she was

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