Thursday, February 14, 2008

Saving faded ideas

There is something really interesting that I just recently realized: inspiration will be faded after awhile. Normally, all what I have been writing was something I was inspired by, no matter where or when. But recently, when my writing time was continuously invaded by many factors, I decided to write the topics down, and saved them for later. They were pretty good ideas, I believe, and I’d love to express and develop those ideas sometime.
But today, when I looked at the undone topics again, I was pretty surprised because I had
no clue what to do with any of those! That was a very sad thing, as if I just had lost something interesting and worthy. So I came up with my conclusion that inspiration comes to us in a very short time, and if we are not going to do something with it, it will be gone surprisingly soon. However, the question is: why do we have to do that? It doesn’t hurt anything if you give up some random idea from nowhere, right?
Well, I believe that losing an idea does hurt anyone. Human history is thousands of years already, and therefore, countless of fantastic ideas have been made, yet people still have to make up new one in order to be successful. Since plagiarism is unaccepted and forbidden in many society, especially in the US., making up new idea becomes more and more uneasy, and consequently, new ideas become more and more valuable. To give up such a valuable thing would hurt anyone. When J. K. Rowling got some idea about a story of magic, she wrote it down immediately in a tissue, and so she got the famous Harry Potter. When Bill Gate got an idea of his own company, he gave up college in order to do that, and he became the wealthiest in the world. And when G. Washington saw the fact that his country was ill treated and needed to be independent, if he had just thought “nah, never mind!”, things would have changed extremely much.

Of course I don’t encourage anyone to give up college. (But if you believe it worth it, so go ahead. The Earth is waiting to be saved from monsters!) I also understand that there are bad ideas which would be nice if no one think about. However, as Mr. Koenen said, any idea has its own good side and bad side, and the purpose of this entry is not to argue about that. (Chelsea had to write 20 pages last year just to explain it).

When I am talking about “idea”, it includes important things such as belief or value. All of them need to be fulfilled and reinforced frequently, otherwise the will be faded. Going to church every Sunday, or studying Bible in classes, are indeed important, not only to “know God better” or whatever, but also to maintain and protect our Faith.

That’s all there is to it. It’s Valentines day today, besides loving people, let’s love our kool ideas also.

- Hey, I got an idea! We should wear helmets and armors at Petra!

- Well…

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