Friday, November 2, 2007

I hate Yahoo

There are many bad things around, but Yahoo should be the worst, especially Y!Messenger.
One time I was chatting with Orchid, and she told me she just bought a new cap. When she was going to show me her picture with it, my Y!M immediately signed out. O.0!!!! What the…! I quickly signed in again, and she was still there. It’s really awkward to ask her to share the picture twice, but I did. This time, the loading bar didn’t work =.=, though it was only 10Kb! The picture was right there but I couldn’t do anything to get it.

Only thing I could get was:
T_____T’ That time, my body was shaking in anger. Arghhhhhhhhh!!!
One crazy Y!M is a problem, but both Y!M are crazy should be a tragedy. And Orchid’s Y!M was crazy – even crazier than mine =.=. One time, her Y!M suddently signed out, I thought she was busy, so I said goodbye to her. The next day I turned my laptop on, I saw messages of her – from the day before:

Orchid: oh, you are busy now 

Orchid: good bye 

Orchid: see you later :)

===.=== … poor me.

When we chat to each other, sentences got lost became so usual. Sometime I asked her sth, then waited for half an hour till she said: “don’t you say anything?” =.= It is not good. It is really dangerous indeed. What’d happen if someday, I… propose her…, and Y!M turn to be crazy again? … It is bad.

I hate Y!M Hate it a lot. ARGHHH!!!!

But, I even love it more.

It is Yahoo that has been helping me for years. It’s because of Y!M that I can see my DF, I can talk with my family, my friends… And, everything I could do for our relationship depends on Yahoo totally.

Thank you, a lot. Because of Y!M, and also 360.

This semester, anytime I was in trouble, or be depressed, I couldn’t do anything else but write a new entry. I’d see my friends again, and ‘d realize that I am cared.

There was something Orchid doesn’t know, it’s this blog. Despite of anything, I DO want to show her this blog – when the time comes. I don’t know when, but it’d not come soon. And, since I have been waiting for that moment, the Yahoo!inc. just decides to start Mash, and give up 360! “The beginning of 2008”- only few more months, this blog will be gone, along with my hopes, my efforts, my loves, my memories… Oh, how unlucky! How harsh!

I love Yahoo. And I hate it too.


Author's note:
If you find this post confusing, it's because I wrote this, along with other posts, originally from my 360 page. I've said about it on my very first post here.

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