Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Love in the ice

…Daremo ga dare ka ni aisareru tameni
Kono you ni inochi wo kiramekaseru no sa…

The song gets stuck in my head now. “Love in the ice”, the first Korean song ever that I listen to. TVXQ should be really special and …lucky (!). Why this song and why these guys?...

I was trying to concentrate on practicing the speech for the class tomorrow, but I could not. The song was still there and became louder. I tried to push it away but …I was just absorbed to it…

…Sore ga moshimo boku nara
Mou ichido kimi no kokoro wo
Towa no yasashisa de atatameruyo …

The sentences were so good, so …dangerous. I felt myself more and more become the man in the song… Am I in …


If it was me… I would make your heart once again… warm with eternal tenderness… What the song said become what I was thinking, murmuring in my head. Your heart was right there, and I wanted to hug it so much. But, though very sweet, you were so cold. And I was frozen - spiritually.

The room was getting cold, but my mind was much colder. I could do some pushups to make my body warm. What could I do to cure my heart?

…Bokura wa kizukusa
Kurushii hodo ni tsuyoku kanji ya eru
Hito no nukumori…

Did you feel my love? Would you ever feel it, someday? I was right there, always there. I wanted to cover you with my warmth…really much…

…Setsunai hodo
Utsukushii ai dakara
Hakanai hodo
Uruwa shii
Kono toki wo…

Am I good enough to be yours? Should I – let you know my mind, and my love – too?

You like TVXQ so much. They are perfect. They have practiced a lot. They deserve what they have. I know. I sure know. I would never ever be equal to them. But, you know, I care about you and they don’t.

I’ll be a good man who can make you happy. I will.

Boku ga mamoru- I promise!!!

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